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The Open Mobile Alliance was formed in 2002 by almost 200 leading companies of the mobile phone industry. Today OMA as more than 350 members. The intention of this merge is to develop international standardised, marketable and interoperable digital services for the mobile business.


OMH (Open Market Handsets) is an initiative within CDMA networks, that assures that the possibility of changing the handset or the operator is given at any time. Led by the CDMA Development Group (CDG), the OMH allows the purchase and use of an OMH device for any OMH-conform operator network. All operator and subscriber data have to be stored in the R-UIM or UICC card instead of writing it in the device. Furthermore, OMH offers device manufacturers the opportunity to sell their full-featured devices across the entire CDMA ecosystem of OMH-enabled operators instead of only selling them to one operator.