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A Removable User Identification Module (R-UIM) is a removable ID chip for mobile phones made for the CDMA system. In the beginning of CDMA, there was no need for a Smart Card because all subscriber relevant information was stored in the handset itself. The R-UIM card holds a user's personal information such as name and account/ID number, mobile phone number, phone book, text messages and further settings. It is the corresponding item to the (U)SIM card used within GSM or W-CDMA networks.


RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is a technology to identify objects or persons using electromagnetic radiation. The RFID-system mostly consists of two parts: there is a transponder with a unique code on one side and on the other side a reading device. This device evaluates and saves the received code information so that the object/person carrying the transponder can be identified.